Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What is the difference between LIKE and LOVE?

Chapter 29. She’s everywhere, Page No. 69-71 from my book "My Experience with TRUE LOVE...".

Why she’s got everywhere?

Really that‟s a very interesting question. When people fell
in love they used to tell that their beloved one is
everywhere. We feel her presence everywhere whether she
is actually there or not. Everywhere means all places we
visit from morning to evening like hostel, library, office,
ground, garden etc. and especially when we are alone. It
would be perhaps impossible to answer this question
scientifically but spiritually I could explain it. She is love
for me and love is a feeling of being connectedness and by
feeling this connectedness (link) between us, we could feel
love which further means we, by feeling the link with her
could feel her presence at any time at any place. If I want to
have her with me, I simply need to feel the link between us
and she would be with me. That must sound crazy and yes
love is crazy but this craziness must be kept under check
before you create your own virtual world. I have
experienced this craziness to a dangerous level, yes up to
creating a virtual world. Thank God, somehow I came out
of it. Okay, now there is another question-

How do we recognize her entry into our environment?

Another interesting question, I can give spiritual and
scientific explanations to this question. First let us
understand the question. It simply means that suppose I am
sitting in the library in science section and she enters the
science section then I could recognize her without looking
at her and crazy things like that. In scientific view point this
is because we have seen her myriad times. We know her
minute details about her dressing sense, her walking style,
her talking style, her smile, her gestures, her postures, the
way she deals with the things, the way she react to me and
so on. Now when any of her characteristic matches with the
already present details in our mind then we could predict
her presence in our environment. When she enters into our
environment (say enter into science section or comes out of
book section) without looking at her I could tell that it was
she. It is obvious that for this explanation to work, she must
be in our view because we get some signals then our mind
do pattern matching and predicts the output. In spiritual
terms perhaps these are the feelings which do this trick. I
used to see her every time she enters science section. In fact
I must say I used to see only her when she entered my
environment using the same funda.

We are taking questions so let us take one more interesting

What is the difference between like and love?

When some trait/quality of some object is of your interest
then you like it e.g. you go for shopping, there are many
kind of dresses but you choose those that matches your
interest and thus you like them. On the other hand when
you are drawn towards something without any logic, you
feel connected and happy around that object, and it‟s a
feeling that connects you with that object then it‟s your
love for that particular object e.g. relation between mother
and child. So liking something is based on physical traits
and loving something is based on feelings. Thus I can like
many good girls who have good nature or who looks good
but I can love only that girl for whom I have feelings. I
hope I made sense to you. Moreover Buddha has very
beautifully differentiated like and love by the statement:-
When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you
love a flower, you water it daily.